* Residential Tuckpointing with or without Color Match.

* Historic Tuckpointing with or without Color Match.

* Spot Tuckpointing with or without Color Match. 

* Chimney Rebuilding or Repair.

* Graffiti and Stain Removal.

* Brick Laying.

* Brick Cleaning.

* Joint Sealants/Caulking.

* Concrete Sealing.

* Applied Weather Proofing and Water Repellents.

* Stone Foundation Repair. 

* Stone Ribbon Joining.

* Stone or Brick Patio Installation and Repair.

* Stone, Brick or Concrete Walkway Installation and Repair.

* Tile and Marble Installation and Repair.


One of the main aspects of Galaxy Masonry is Tuckpointing.  Strong mortar joints are essential to the structural integrity and beauty of any brick building.  After years of acid rain, hot and freezing cold weather, the mortar joints become weak and deteriorated; leaving your building structurally unsound and unsightly.  In order to fix this problem, Galaxy Masonry grins out all of the old mortar to a depth of 1/2", then rinses out the old sand and mortar dust.  We then install new mortar of the appropriate type and color.  We then strike the mortar giving it a consistent appearance.  After which we clean the entire brick surface with a mild brick cleaner.  Finally, we apply a water repellant sealer in order to help keep your masonry protected from the elements for many years. 

Weather Proofing and Water Repellents are a very important and cost-effective part of any new masonry construction or historic masonry preservation.  Water-repellents can help preserve the color of your masonry, and also protect it from the harmful effects of freeze-thaw damage, air pollutants, acid rain, efflorescence, mildew, and algae growth.  Galaxy Masonry uses the best water-repellents and sealers on the market today to help ensure that your masonry or concrete, maintains long-lasting protection and beauty.   

Brick Cleaning, Paint/Graffiti and Stain Removal can easily increase the beauty, value and longevity of most brick and masonry surfaces.  Galaxy Masonry uses specific cleaners for brick, paint/graffiti and stains; such as, rust, asphalt, and lime marks to name a few.    

Joint Sealants and Caulking are also very important to weather proofing brick, terracotta, stone, and concrete. Galaxy Masonry uses Polyurethane Sealants and other industry  leading sealants  in order to ensure consistency and long lasting weather protection.

Galaxy Masonry is committed to total customer satisfaction, job site safety, cost effective solutions and outstanding craftsmanship.  

We also offer some of the most comprehensive warrantees in the masonry industry.   

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